Aplusfinelinepaint.com   Beautiful Projects Are a Brush Stroke Away
What We Do
Services include a carefull look at the project for semi-hidden problems: cracks, loose screws(nails) cracks at corners, loose trim,loose mounting brackets, waterleaks at the floor or ceiling, cracked or loose tile, and more. We vacuum during and after daily work and leave sinks clean and remove trash on a regular basis. Plastic and canvas covers are always used. Quite a few repairs are done at n/c because a good substrate is essential for a quality finish. Services may include but are not limited to deck refinishing, countersinking deck screws, re-nailing exterior loose trim, and cutting back grass at the foundation line for a properly finished exterior.Well placed urethane reinforced caulking is our standard.Things like foundation settling is something we are well versed in and have the knowledge to correct it. Many other serviced are available, don't hesitate to ask!!
  1. Area projects
    Area projects
    There have been many times when work was done for little or next to nothing to help the owner out. On most jobs, even though it was not agreed upon prior, cracks, holes, and obvious defects are corrected with out charge. It goes with the territory and professional work requires the underlying surfaces to be acceptable prior to new paint or drywall work.
  2. Interior Projects
    Interior Projects
    An airless spay rig should only be used inside for brand new work (no flooring installed) because the transfer rate to a wall or ceiling is only around 65%., The rest of the paint goes into the air!! Obviously, masking and covering plastics and drop cloths are what we use constantly. AND we Vacuum!!
About Us
Aplusfinelinepaint.com is a locally owned company dedicated to performing work for you that will last and be pleasant to the eye. Sometimes things can turn out not as expected--we sweat the details all the time. And if there is something not quite right, don't hesitate to mention it. None one is perfect.
     We specialize in brush and roll work; this old fashioned way is best in most cases because the paint film is worked into the surface more and is thicker thus allows good washability and anti-scuffing.
     Wallpaper removal is easy, just ask!
 Texture repairs are made as needed, some very quickly.
      Years of experience vary; Mark has 53 years of paint application, 20 years of sheetrock work, and 34 years of finish carpentry experience. You can always call for estimates, written bids, and some pleasant conversation about an upcoming project where we both find out what the details are and what you really want. Call Mon to Sat  529-3626. Cellphone w/voicemail or e-mail if needed. We prefer face to face.
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